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Continuing Education Requirements

201 KAR 8:562 Licensure of dental hygienists.
Section 5 Minimum Continuing Education Requirements:

  1. Each individual desiring renewal of an active dental hygiene license shall complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education which relates to or advances the practice of dental hygiene and would be useful to the licensee in his practice.
  2. Acceptable continuing education hours shall include course content designed to increase:
    (a) Competency in treating patients who are medically compromised or who experience medical emergencies during the course of dental hygiene treatment; 
    (b) Knowledge of pharmaceutical products and the protocol of the proper use of medications; 
    (c) Awareness of currently accepted methods of infection control; 
    (d) Knowledge of basic medical and scientific subjects including, but not limited to, biology, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, epidemiology, and public health; 
    (e) Knowledge of clinical and technological subjects including, but not limited to, clinical techniques and procedures, materials, and equipment; 
    (f) Knowledge of subjects pertinent to patient management, safety, and oral healthcare; 
    (g) Competency in assisting in mass casualty or mass immunization situations; 
    (h) Clinical skills through the volunteer of clinical charitable dental hygiene which meets the requirements of 2010 Ky. Acts ch. 85, sec. 22; 
    (i) Knowledge of office business operations and best practices; or
    (j) Participation in dental or dental hygiene association or society business meetings.
  3. A minimum of ten (10) hours shall be taken in a live interactive presentation format.
  4. A maximum of ten (10) hours total may be taken which meet the requirements of Section 5(2)(g)-(j) of this administrative regulation.
  5. All continuing education hours shall be verified by the receipt of a certificate of completion or certificate of attendance bearing:
    (a) The signature of the provider;
    (b) The name of the licensee in attendance;
    (c) The title of the course or meeting attended or completed;
    (d) The date of attendance or completion;
    (e) The number of hours earned; and
    (f) Evidence of the method of delivery if the course was taken in a live interactive presentation format.
  6. It shall be the sole responsibility of the individual dental hygienist to obtain documentation from the provider or sponsoring organization verifying participation as outlined in Section 5(5) and to retain the documentation for a minimum of five (5) years.
  7. At the time of license renewal, each licensee shall attest to the fact that he or she has complied with the requirements of this section.
  8. Each licensee shall be subject to audit of proof of continuing education compliance by the board.

Maintain with no more than a thirty (30) day lapse CPR certification which meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association unless a hardship waiver is submitted to and subsequently approved by the board. [Does NOT count toward 30hours]
Successfully complete a live three (3) hour course approved by the board in the identification and prevention of potential medical emergencies which shall include, at a minimum, the following topics:

  1. Medical history, including American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classifications of physical status;
  2. Recognition of common medical emergency situations, symptoms and possible outcomes;
  3. Office emergency protocols; and
  4. Prevention of emergency situations during dental treatments.

[Does count toward 30 hours]

For the Kentucky Board of Dentistry website click here

CE Broker is the official CE tracking system for the Kentucky Board of Dentistry. Licensees automatically have access to a free Basic account, where you can record your course history and view your CE compliance status. Your account will list all the courses which have been reported thus far, and indicate whether or not you have satisfied your renewal requirements. From here, you may easily find and report any CE that might be m​issing. You will never have to pay to access all of the necessary tools to renew your license! CE Broker even provides a Course Search feature to help you find any course you need to successfully complete your renewal.

To register your free account visit cebroker.com/ky/plans and select the Basic option on the right. Registration with CE Broker is not mandatory but is recommended for dentists and hygienists in Kentucky.